Parts of a Tree

The beautiful tree gives us shade some times fruit and leaves to rake in the fall. These ten questions and answers are about the parts of a tree. The questions can be used for a class that is learning about nature or as a camping trip activity. The Word Drop game seemed appropriate for this question set because leave “drop” in the fall. Enjoy!

Like all Play Q and A games the content can be used in another type of game, for example Hangman’s Pizza, Word Drop or Crossword.

the hard substance that covers a tree~bark
The flowers on a tree~blossom
a very small thin branch from a tree or bush~twig
A flat thin green part of a tree or plant that grows on a branch~leaf
part of a tree that grows out of its trunk with leaves, flowers, or fruit growing on it~branch
the main part of a tree that the branches grow out of~trunk
the leaves of a plant or tree~foliage
The part of a tree or plant that contains its seeds~fruit
a round hard place in a piece of wood where a branch grew~knot
the part of a tree that is left above the ground after it has been cut through near the base~stump

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