Unleavened bread~Matzah
Lead Jewish people out of Egypt ~Moshe Ruler of Egypt ~Pharoah
Sea that split ~Yam Suf
What lead Jewish People at night in the desert?~Pillar of fire
Number of Matzah at table~3
Number of cups of wine drunk at the Seder?~3
Type of the first of the four sons discussed at the Seder?~Wise
Type of the second of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Wicked
Type of the third of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Simple
Type of the fourth of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Does not know how to ask
Number of days of the Omer?~49
Direction to lean at the Seder?~Left
Year Jewish people left Egypt?~2448 / 1313
Number of men from 20 to 60 who left Egypt?~600,000
What book is used at Seder?~Hagada
1st plague~Blood
2nd plague~Frogs
3rd plague~Lice
4th plague~Wild beasts
5th plague~Pestilence
6th plague~Boils
7th plague~Hail
8th plague~Locusts
9th plague~Darkness
10th plague~Slaying Firstborn
What is done the night before Pesach?~Search for chametz
What is done by first born males day before Pesach?~Fast
What do we use for bidikas chametz?~feather and candle
What is eaten first on Seder plate?~Karpas
What item represents tears at the Seder table?~Salt water
What Hebrew month that Pesach is in?~Nissan
What item represents bitter times at the Seder table?~Maror
What item represents mortar at the Seder table?~Charoses
How many days is Passover in Israel?~7
According to the Hagada what drank the water?~The ox
What doess Matzah, Maror and Charoses make?~The Hillel sandwich
First day of Pesach in the Hebrew month of Nissan?~15
Flour and Water together for __ make it Chometz.~18
What is often hidden at the Seder~Afikomen
First Jewish holiday after Passover?~ Shavuot
Which part of the broken middle matza is Afikomen?~Larger part
What is the first part of the Seder.~Kadesh
The first washing of hands at the Seder is called?~Urchatz
Telling the story of leaving Egypt.~ Maggid
Washing Before the Meal~Rachtzah
The first blessing on the matzah~Motzi
What is the main feast called?~Shulchan Orech
What part of the Seder is the dessert?~Tzafun
What is the helping others to get food for Pesach called?~Maot Chitim
What is round and white on the Seder plate?~Egg

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