Lab Safety

Education on safety comes in many forms. This game focuses on safety needed in a school laboratory. Science teachers who have access to a school lab and who have spent time teaching their students about what to and what not to do in a laboratory can use this free game to help reinforce the concepts. TheĀ  game is a code breaker style game where players first have to decode the answer then match it with a clue. Game time will average around 10 minutes.

Like all Play Q and A games the content can be used in another type of game, for example Word Search or Crossword.

Be safe!

The following questions and answers are used in this game

Wear this to protect your body when using hot liquids or chemicals.~Apron
Use to cover your eyes.~Goggles
These need to be closed-toed.~Shoes
Make sure to __ directions to understand how to do an experiment.~Read
Not allowed to be eaten or even in the lab.~Food
If caught on fire you should stop, drop and __.~Roll
__ your hands after handling an animal or chemicals in the lab~wash
A fire __ puts out fires.~Extinguisher
__ up when you are finished in the lab.~Clean
Long __ should be tied back.~Hair

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