Games that use balls

How many sports that use balls can you name?

This list, posted today, has 10 of them along with a clue for each one. The free download uses the Word Wheel game but you can use the same questions and answers for almost all the games on the Play Q and A site. Get ready and “Play Ball!”

Below is a list of the questions and answers used in this game

Which game has 9 innings?~Baseball
In what game are points scored by kicking a ball in a goal?~Soccer
What game is played on a table top with paddles?~Ping pong
Which game has a score worth 6 points?~Football
Which game uses the word love for zero?~Tennis
Which game has a round of 18 holes?~Golf
Which game has a hoop 10 feet up?~Basketball
What game scores a point by grounding a ball on the other team’s side?~Volleyball
What game has a 10 pin target?~Bowling
Which game do players avoid getting hit with a ball?~Dodgeball

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