Which game has a Knight and a Rook?~Chess
This two player game has fifteen pieces which move between 24 triangles.~Backgammon
Which game involves moving diagonally and captures by jumping over the opponents pieces?~Checkers
This game involves buying properties, houses and hotels.~Monopoly
This game is played on a 15X15 board, players create interlocking words for points.~Scrabble
Played from 2 to 6 players the board is divided into forty-two territories, try to conquer the world.~Risk
With this game by sinking your opponents fleet of ships.~Battleship
This is a popular murder-mystery board game.~Clue
In this game pieces fall by gravity in slots, four in a row wins.~Connect Four
Which game is played on a 8×8 uncheckered board where pieces are flipped?~Reversi
This 2 player game can be played with stones or beans, player who has the most pieces wins.~Mancala
Roll 5 dice and score by obtaining certain combinations.~Yahtzee

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