Hit with a bat~ball
Used to hit the ball~Bat
Four of them~Bases
Worn on the hand to catch the ball~Mitt
The bases are also called a baseball __~diamond
Behind second base~outfield
The raised dirt that the pitcher stands on~mound
When the ball is hit fairly out of the field~homerun
Three of these ends the inning~Out
Three outs make the end of an __~inning
Getting two players out is a __ play~double
Swinging the bat and missing the ball~strike
The fence behind homeplate~backstop
A base is also called a __~bag
When all the bases have a man they are~loaded
The one attempting to hit the ball~batter
The batter stands in the batter’s __~box
A pitch intentionally thrown to hit the batter~beanball
Where the players sit while not at bat~bench
__ seats are usually uncovered, less expensive and in the outfield~Bleacher
The area used by pitchers and catchers to warm up~bullpen
A fastball, particularly one that is easy to hit~Cheese
A batter will __ up by sliding his hands up the bat for more control.~choke
The fourth batter in the line up~cleanup
A team’s locker room~clubhouse
A pitch that does not go straight is a __~curveball
A __ man is the go between a long throw and an important target~cut off
A player who permanently hits in the place of another is a __ hitter.~designated
Two games are played by the same two teams on the same day~doubleheader
Where a team’s bench is located~dugout
A player is __ when disqualified from the game by an umpire~ejected
misplaying a ball is called an__~error
__ innings are played if there is a tie after nine innings~extra
A pitch that is thrown more for high velocity than for movement~fastball
A pitcher who throws in excess of 95 miles per hour~fireballer
A pitch that may appear to the batter to float or bob up and down~floater
A ball hit high in the air is a __ ball~fly
Two straight lines drawn on the ground from home plate to the outfield~foul line
A count of 3 balls and 2 strikes~full count
The __ manager runs the organization of a baseball team~general
Home run hit with the bases loaded~grand slam
A ball that is hit on the ground so that it bounces in the infield~grounder
To strike out three times~hat trick
a person who hits a ball with a bat in baseball~hitter
A base hit in which the batter is able to circle all the bases~Home run
__ is the one in whose stadium the game is played against the visiting team~Home team
A pitch thrown with no spin~knuckleball
The second game of a doubleheader~nightcap
A game in which one team does not get any hits~no hitter
The next batter due to bat after the current batter~on deck
The player whose position is either left, center or right field~outfielder
A very rare no-hitter where each batter is retired consecutively~perfect game
An inning in which a pitcher allows no runners to reach base~perfect inning
A quick throw from the fielder covering a base~pickoff
A substitute batter~pinch hitter
A substitute baserunner~pinch runner
A baseball delivered by the pitcher to the batter~pitch
The fielder responsible for pitching the ball.~pitcher
Runs batted in~RBI
The official list of players who are eligible to play~roster
A pitch that curves to the same side as the side from which it was thrown~screwball
When a team prevents their opponent from scoring in a game~shutout
A one-base hit~single
responsible for refereeing or officiating a game~umpire

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