Healthy Habits

Healthy habits should be part of our daily lives. Little things like drinking water and getting enough sleep can cause and impact on a person’s health.  This small list of healthy habits is used in a free word wheel game. The game has questions that have to be matched with one of the plates on the page. The plate contains the answer but rotated. The game can be used for teaching or just for fun. Be healthy!

Like all Play Q and A games the content can be used in another type of game, for example Hangman’s Pizza, Word Drop or Crossword.

Cover your __ when you cough~Mouth
Wash your hands with __ and water to make sure they are clean~Soap
Eat a health __ at the start of the day~Breakfast
Getting __ at the doctors can help prevent diseases~Vaccinated
Eating green __ can help keep you healthy~vegetables
At night get plenty of __~Sleep
Drink a couple of litres of __ a day~Water
__ like biking, swimming, walking can help keep you healthy~Exercise
Cut down on foods that have sweet __~Sugar
Brushing your __ is good for you~Teeth

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