Pumpkin Facts

To help enhance your Halloween “spirits” we have put together questions and answers that are pumpkin related. Use these questions to make a game that can be played at a Halloween party or any event. You can edit the questions or add your own. Boo.

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Below are the pre-made questions and answers for this Question Set. You will have an opportunity to modify, add or delete any of the questions before you create your game.

What makes up 90 percent of pumpkins?~water
In which month are the majority of pumpkins sold?~October
What color are most pumpkins?~Orange
Which holiday are famous for using pumpkins~Halloween
What is made when one cares a face out of a pumpkin?~Jackolantern
What is used to light up a Jack-o’-lantern?~Candle
What type of pie is often eaten on Thanksgiving?~Pumpkin
Pumpkin___ can be roasted and eaten as a snack.~Seeds
In what state are 95% of the pumpkins processed?~Illinois
Apples, oranges and pumpkins are all ___.~Fruits

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