Ship Parts

in or towards the back part of a ship~aft
the widest part of a ship from one side to the other~beam
the front part of a ship~bow
the part of a ship from which it is controlled~bridge
a private room on a ship for a passenger~cabin
the outside top part of a ship that you can walk on~deck
the kitchen on a boat~galley
a wheel or handle used for making a boat go in the direction you want~helm
a small triangular sail near the front of a boat~jib
a tall pole that the sails hang from on a ship~mast
the side of a ship that is on your left when you are looking forwards.~port
a small window in the side of a ship or plane~porthole
a piece of equipment with blades that spin, used for moving a ship or aircraft~propeller
a flat piece of wood or other material at the back of a boat or plane that is moved to change the direction of travel~rudder
a large piece of strong cloth fixed to a tall pole on a boat, used for catching wind to move the boat across water~sail
the right side of a ship, as seen by someone who is looking towards the front.~starboard
the back part of a ship. The front of a ship is called the bow.~stern
on or relating to the deck of a ship~topside

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