FREE Rosh Hashanah Word Search Game

What do we blow on Rosh Hashanah?~Shofar
What is the Jewish month before Rosh Hashanah called?~Elul
What Jewish month is Rosh Hashanah in?~Tishrei
What is the Hebrew word for the book used on Rosh Hashanah?~Machzor
Which animal does the shofar usually comes from?~Ram
What is dipped in honey to have a sweet year?~Apples
What is the Head of the Jewish New Year~Rosh Hashanah
What red fruit with many seeds is often eaten on Rosh Hashanah?~Pomegranate
What was Yonah swallowed by?~Big fish
What is the Hebrew word for giving Charity?~Tzedaka
What is the Holiest day of the Jewish year called?~Yom Kippur
What is the Hebrew prayer that is said on something new called?~Shehecheyanu
What is the custom done on Rosh Hashanah of casting away sins called in Hebrew?~Tashlich
Sweet year~Honey
Multiply in great numbers~Fish

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