Purim Questions

Book with the story of Esther~Megillah
Achashverosh reigned from Hodu to __.~Cush
The capital at that time of Purim~Shushan
Who was the Kin?~Achashverosh
How long was the first party that the king gave?~Week
Who was Achashverosh’s original queen?~Vashti
Who overheard the plot against the king?~Mordechai
What is another name for Esther?~Hadassah
Who was the Queen after Vashti?~Esther
Bigsan and ___ plotted to kill the king.~Teresh
Who was the evil villain in the story of Esther?~Haman
In what Jewish month is Purim celebrated?~Adar
On what day in the Jewish month of Adar is Purim celebrated?~14
The King used a gold ___ to accept un-summoned guests~Scepter
Who was Hamans wife?~Zeresh
How may feasts did Esther make for the king?~Two
What is the name of the instrument used to make noise on Purim?~Groger
How many cubits height was the gallows that were made for Mordechai?~50
What was thrown on Haman by his daughter?~Trash
How many people attended Esther’s private banquet?~Three
Once the king used this it could not be revoked~Signet ring
What did Mordechai not do that made Haman furious?Bow down
The king offered Esther up to ___ the kingdom~half
Haman had ten ___.~Sons
What are triangle cookies eaten on Purim called?~Hamantoshen
A ___ pageant was held to get new queen.~Beauty
How many chapters are there in the story of Esther?~10
Which nation was Haman from?~Amalekite
Traditionally, when reading the word Haman what is made?~Noise
Traditionally, the story of Esther is read at ___ and day.~Night

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