Passover the Seder

The first part of the Seder.~Kadesh
The first washing hand washing.~Urchatz
Dipping a vegtible into saltwater.~ Karpas
Breaking the middle matzah.~ Yachatz
Telling the story of leaving Egypt.~ Maggid
Washing Before the Meal~Rachtzah
The first blessing on the matzah~Motzi
Eating the unleavened bread.~Matzah
The Bitter Herbs.~Maror
The Hillel Sandwich.~Korech
The main feast.~Shulchan Orech
The dessert~Tzafun
The Blessing after the meal.~Berach
Songs of Praise after the meal.~Hallel
The end of the meal.~Nirtzah

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