Halloween Facts

What mythical being has no refection?~Vampire
Witch month is Halloween celebrated in?~October
Where is one of the most common places to experience ghosts and spirits?~Cemetery
Where did the most famous witch trials take place?~Salem
What does a witch mix her potion in?~Cauldron
What is rarely full on Halloween?~Moon
How many bones are in a human skeleton?~206
What is the most common costume worn on Halloween?~Witch
Eyes blink and the mouth moves after the head is ___.~Decapitated
___ can appear on film and video.~Ghosts
What time of day do spirits become more active~Night
A dark ___ can be a manifestation of a spirit.~Shadow
Young ___ are more likely to “see” and perceive ghosts.~Children
A candle flame burning ___ is a sign a ghost is present.~Blue
A ___ suddenly going out with no apparent drat or breeze is a sign a ghost is present.~Candle
Albert Einstein postulated a scientific basis for the existence of ghosts, the transfer of ___.~Energy
The White House has reported seeing a ghost hurrying towards the ___Room.~East
Spirits have absolutely no sense of ___.~Time.
Spirits have a profound sense of ___. They are often attracted to certain scents.~Smell
What happens to the temperature when a ghost is present?~Drops
Ghosts can be tracked using and ___ meter, a detector used to measure electric fields.~EMF
___ are spirits, or potential non-human entities, that enjoy moving objects and playing pranks.~Poltergeists
What was the first Jack O’Lanterns made from?~Turnips
What is the second highest grossing commercial holiday after Christmas?~Halloween
The largest pumpkin ever measured was more than ___ pounds.~800
Black and ___ are typically associated with Halloween.~Orange
What location is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween?~Ireland
What famous magician died on Halloween?~Houdini
The word witch came from an old English word ‘wice’, which means ‘wise ___’?~Woman
What is the fear of Halloween called?~Samhainophobia
What animal was once believed to be a witch?~Owl

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