Question about Answers

“Some of the questions on the site have wrong answers, what’s with that?”

This type of inquiry has come our way a few times since our site debut.

The original play Q and Q site (called games to teach) had no pre-made questions and answers. The main focus was to create a game from questions and answers supplied by the user. Once a game was created the same questions and answers could be reused for a different type of game.

As our site and game selection grew, users suggested that pre-made questions and answers should be available to speed up the game creation process. Great idea! We decided that users who were already creating games for their classes, camps, parties, etc. could,if they want, submit their question sets to benefit others. The site grew with thousands of new questions and answers in array of varying topics.

Please note, we review the data that has been submitted for basic accuracy and that it follows the core belief of the Play Q and A site before posting it to our database for others to use. But mistakes do creep in. This is mainly a site to create games, we are not experts on every intellectual topic and do not claim that all our data is accurate. In fact, we encourage our dedicated users, who are experts in their fields to modify the questions and answers to meet their needs.

Our hope is that parents, teachers, teens and everyone else finds the site to be a fun and safe place to create games for any occasion.  We try to add new questions to our database everyday. If a question and answer does not meet your needs just delete it.

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