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When the quarterback changes the football play at the line of scrimmage.~Audible
The area of the football field behind the line of scrimmage.~Backfield
A football play where the defensive team rushes more football players than usual to try and sack the quarterback.~Blitz
What the offensive team does to prevent a defensive player from tackling the player with the football.~Blocking
The football players on the offense that are allowed by the rules to catch a forward pass.~Eligible receiver
A penalty when any football player contacts the other team prior to the snap.~Encroachment
The area at the end of the football field where the offensive team must have possession of the football to score a touchdown.~End zone
After a football team has scored a touchdown, they have the opportunity to score additional points. They can kick an extra-point for 1 point or try a 2-point conversion for 2 points.~Extra point
By signaling with a wave, the football player making a kick return can choose to catch the football and take possession of the ball where he made the catch. He will not get tackled, but he also will not be allowed to run with the football.~Fair catch
A three point score, when the kicker kicks the football above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalpost.~Field goal
When a football player drops the football. The ball is available for any other player to gain possession for his team.~Fumble
A penalty where a football player grabs an opponent.~Holding
A penalty called when the quarterback purposely throws an incomplete pass just to avoid a sack.~Intentional grounding
A pass that is caught by a football player on the defense.~Interception
A backward pass. Football players may lateral the football as many times per play as they want. If a lateral is dropped, the ball is still live (like a fumble) and any player may recover it.~Lateral
The location on the field where the football is spotted and the next play begins.~Line of scrimmage
The offensive and defensive football players who start each play at the line of scrimmage.~Linemen
The area between the offense and defense at the start of the play. Only the center is allowed in this zone until after the ball is snapped.~Neutral zone
When the defense brings in a 5th defensive back to help cover the pass play.~Nickel defense
A penalty that occurs when any part of a football player’s body is beyond his line of scrimmage when the football is snapped.~Offside
Blocking by the offensive football players to keep defenders away from the quarterback to give him time to throw the football.~Pass protection
When the quarterback fakes handing off the football and then attempts a pass.~Play-action pass
The place where the quarterback stands just behind the center. Here he is protected from the pass rush by his blockers.~Pocket
A football kick to the other team to give them the ball downfield rather than lose the football on downs.~Punt
The football players who catch the football.~Receivers
When the football player runs with the football. Also, when a football player tries to tackle the quarterback while in the pocket.~Rush
When the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.~Sack
When a football player is tackled in his own end zone. The defense gets 2 points and the possession of the football from a free kick.~Safety
When the quarterback runs around trying not to get sacked with the football.~Scrambling
Also called the hike, the snap starts the football play.~Snap
These are the football players who are involved in the kicking plays.~Special teams
When a football player causes the player carrying the ball to touch the ground such that they are considered down. The end of the play.~Tackle
A 6 point score. When a player has control of the football within the end zone.~Touchdown
When, with either a fumble or an interception, one team loses possession of the football to the other.~Turnover
How many positions make up the offensive line?~five
Who snaps the ball to the quarterback?~Center
These are the two offensive linemen on either side of the center.~Right and left Guard
the two offensive linemen next to the guards.~Right and left Tackle
These players main job is to get open and catch passes~Wide Receivers
These football players line up in the backfield. Their main job is to carry the football,~Running Backs
The quarterback is the player who gets the ball from the center and runs the play~Quarterback
The center who snaps the ball to the punter.~Long Snapper
The player that holds the ball for the field goal kicker.~Place Holder
This player kicks field goals and extra points.~Field Goal kicker
The player that kicks punts.~Punter
20 yards before the end zone~Red Zone