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A __ lives in the water, is long-bodied has a prominent dorsal fin and is usally predatory.~Shark
Instead of bones, a sharks sekeleton is made of what?~Cartilage
One of the biggest sharks is the great __ shark.~White
Most sharks are __ , meaning they hunt and eat fish, marine mammals, and other sea creatures.~Predators
Most sharks are __ blooded.~Cold
The __ shark which has flattened blade-like extensions on either side of it’s head with the eyes and nostrils placed at or near the ends.~hammerhead
The __ shark is an aggressive shark of warm seas, with dark vertical stripes its body.~Tiger
The __ of a shark are constantly replaced, in a lifetime it can lose and regrow as many as 30,000. ~Teeth
The __ of sharks are used for stabilizing, steering, lift and swimming.~fins
A sharks skin feels a lot like __~Sandpaper