Santa’s Reindeer Code Breaker


Can you find all the Christmas words hidden under the tree.

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Not counting Rudolph, how many reindeers does Santause to pull his sleigh?~eight
Who is the nineth reindeer?~Rudolph
Which reindeer’s name starts with a P?~Prancer
What was the name of the reindeer that the two elves rode?~Vixen
What was Rudolph’s father’s name?~Donner
How many reindeers name start with a D?~three
Who leads rides the sleigh?~Santa
What glows on Rudolph?~Nose
Which is the fifth reindeer?~Comet
Which reindeer comes from the German word for lightning?~Blitzen
Which reindeer comes from the German word for thunder?~Donner
Which reindeer motto is to spread love?~Cupid