Rosh Hashanah BINGO


What do a crown, fish, scale and a one have in common? They are all associated with the Jewish New Year -Rosh Hashanah and are part of this Picasso Bingo Rosh Hashanah game. This unique bingo game is designed to be fun, educational and adaptable for large and small groups. After receiving a game card players choose a picture from the top. The facilitator calls the words from the game sheet. The actual word can be called or hints to them. If the player finds the word it is filled in. The game is won when a player fills all spots that match the chosen image.

This free downloadable game contains:

  • 10 Unique game sheets
  • Over 40 questions and answers
  • Facilitator instructions
  • Random numbers for reading the questions

This free game is available for an instant download, just click “Add to Cart” below. If this game does not fit your needs you can customize it by clicking here and choosing the Picasso BINGO game. Changes can include different questions, modified pictures and more. Customized games can be purchased for as low as one cent. Coupon codes can be found here.

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