Road Trip BINGO


Notice the 4 images at the top of the page?
The images represent a Bridge, Tire, Tunnel and Road sign.
This Picasso BINGO game was designed to be played during a family road trip.
The players of this game will first choose an image by placing an X under it.
Below the 4 images there are 25 squares, each with a word. During the road trip each player will look for objects that are on their BINGO sheet. If they find one that square will be filled in. The first to fill in all the squares that match the picture they chose will win the game.
This free pdf contains 10 unique sheets. If you want more sheets or modify the game (change the pictures or add more questions) click

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Picasso BINGO engages its players with a twist on the traditional BINGO game. This group activity begins by giving each participant a unique Picasso sheet that contains 4 pictures at the top made up of 25 squares each. The remainder of the page is filled with a 5 by 5 grid containing answers to the questions that the facilitator will ask. Each player chooses a picture and tries to win the game by highlighting the corresponding squares in the 5 by 5 grid as questions and answers are called. This exciting game can be played in the classroom at birthday parties or at any event where a group game is needed.