Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who was planning to kill all the Jews. The story is recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther during the the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire.
Many customs are associated with the Purim Holiday, such as making noise when the name of Haman in said and distributing food baskets during Purim day.
This classic game of BINGO can be used to teach the traditions of Purim or review what is known already. It can be played in a classroom or at a Purim party.
This downloadable game comes with instructions, answer sheets, and random numbers.
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Book with the story of Esther~Megillah
From __ to __ that Achashverosh reigned~Hodu to Cush
The capital at that time~Shushan
Party the king gave~Week long feast
Achashverosh’s original queen~Vashti
Overheard the plot against the king~Mordechai
Another name for Esther~Hadassah
Queen after Vashti~Esther
Plotted to kill the king~Bigsan
Wanted to Kill all of the Jewish People~Haman
Month and day of Purim~14 Adar
Hebrew word for Lottery~Pur
Money Haman would give for killing the Jews~10,000 silver talents
Once used cannot be revoked~Signet ring
What Mordechai wore when he heard the decree~Sackcloth and ashes
Day before Purim~Fast of Esther
King uses to accept unsummoned guest~Gold scepter
Offer by the king to Esther~Up to half the kingdom
Attendees at Esthers banquet~Achashverosh, Esther, Haman
What Mordechai would not do~Would not bow
Hamans wife~Zeresh
Height of gallows made for Mordechai~50 cubits
Book read when Achashverosh could not sleep~Chronicles
Used to honor Mordechai~Royal robe, horse and crown
Number of feasts Esther had~Two
Haman after Esther told on him~Hung on the gallows
Hidden in the story of Purim~Miracle
Made to drown out the name of Haman~Noise
Another name for Haman~Memuchan
Thrown on Haman by his daughter~Trash on the head
Number of provinces ruled by Achashverosh~127
Money given before Purim~Machatzis HaShekel
Prayer added to benching~Al Hanisim
Two times we read Megillah~Night and day
Used to make noise~Groger
Used to say all of Haman’s sons~One breath
Food sent on Purim~Shalach Manot
Meal on Purim day~Seudah
Mitzvah to be on Purim~Joyful and Happy
Charity gift given on Purim~Matanot La’evyonim
Month of Purim on a Leap year~Addar Shani
Dressing up on Purim~Masquerading
Triangle cookies eaten on Purim~Hamantoshen
What the Shalach Manot consists of~Two foods
How we read the Megillah~Fold like a book
Held to get new queen~Beauty Pageant
First Purim~3406 / 355 BCE
Nation that Haman was from~Amalekite
Chapters of the Megillah~10