Passover Search for Chametz


Oh no! Passover is just around the corner and 25 unleavened items have to be found in this puzzle. Can you find all the items? Once the items have been found read the remaining letters from top to bottom, left to right to reveal the hidden message.

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This is a great game to play in the weeks prior to Passover. The game contains the following 25 words that have to be found in the grid.
Happy Passover!

Bread, Toast, Muffins, Pizza, Cookies, Brownies,Pasta, Pretzels,
Cake, Cereal, Donuts, Bagels, Crackers, Crapes, Pie, Sandwich, Waffles,
Pancakes, Wafers, Bread sticks, Rolls, Cupcake, Pita, Noodles, Spaghetti