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Square root of days of the omer.~7
Flour and water together for __ minutes make it Chometz.~18
Probability of no cracks in handmade shmurah matzah.~0
Number of Seders in Israel.~1
Integer sum of all the plagues (1+2+3+…+10).~55
Men from 20 to 60 who left Egypt.~600,000
Number of parts of the Seder.~14
A macaroon can has 7 chocolate and 14 coconut, chances of getting a chocolate.~1/3
How many days is Pesach outside of Israel?~8
The Haggadah says that the age of Rabbi Elazar ben Azaryah was like.~70
Cube root of number of cups of wine (4) + number of sons (4).~2
Number of days from start of Passover till Lag B’omer.~33
Integer factorial(!) of wild beasts. (1X 2 X 3 X 4)~24
Number of words in the Mah Nishtanah.~49
Dessert not eaten on Pesach.~3.141592
Gematria (Kabbalistic method of computing the numerical value of words) of Hebrew word matzah.~135
Year Jewish People left Egypt.~2448 / 1313
Number of Matzot at table.~3
Years between Yitzchak being born and Jewish. People leaving Egypt.~400
Number of cups of wine.~4
Number of plagues (10) divided by 2.~5
Number of plagues.~10
Next plague number in sequence after Lice (3), Boils (6), ???.~9
Day of the month Pesach starts in Nissan.~15
Plague of boils~6
Number part of the Seder of the feast~11
Age of bar mitzvah boys at the seder.~13
Age of bat mitzvah boys at the seder.~12
Day of the Hebrew month that Passover ends~23
A 25oz. bottle of wine can hold about how many 3.3 cups of wine?~7.5
Number of days in the Hebrew month of Nissan?~30
Factorial (product of an integer and all the integers below it) of the number of plagues.~ 3628800
Opinion on how many years the Jewish People were in Egypt.~430
Years from Jacob’s birth to the descent to Egypt.~130