Instruments of the Orchestra


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Violin~Strings-the smallest and highest-pitched member of the string family
Viola~Strings-A little larger than the violin but played in the same manner
cello~Strings-Only plays octave notes, much larger than viola, has an end pin that rests on the floor
Harp~Strings-Tall, triangular-shaped instrument with about 45 vertical strings
Flute~Woodwinds-narrow metal tube about two feet long, with a row of holes covered by keys
Piccolo~Woodwinds-made from metal or wood, like a small flute used when the part to be played is especially high
Oboe~Woodwinds-double-reed instrument made of wood
Clarinet~Woodwinds-single reed large range of nearly four octaves
Saxophone~Woodwinds-made of brass,single-reed mouthpiece,more powerful than most woodwinds used extensively in jazz
trumpet~Brass-Air travels through over six feet of tubing,the highest sounding member of the brass family
Trombone~Brass-More mellow sound than the trumpet uses a slide with seven positionsa short tuning slide to adjust intonation.
Tuba~Brass-Made of about sixteen feet of tubing is the lowest-sounding member of the brass family
Triangle~Made from a small cylindrical piece of steel suspended from a loop and played by striking with a steel beater
gong~brass disc-shaped instrument that is hit with a large, soft mallet
Cymbal~made of thin, round plates of metal alloys traditionally used in pairs, each one having a strap by which they are held
piano~keyboard instrument that produces sound when the player presses one of the 88 keys