Free Thanksgiving Turkey Word Search


Enjoy this Turkey Word Search game.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Traditionally, it is a holiday that Americans spend together with their families. Thanksgiving dinner usually includes the traditional Thanksgiving turkey.

This free printable Thanksgiving game contains the following questions and answers:
Poured over mashed potatoes~Gravy
Orange __ pie~Pumpkin
Just answers~sweet potatoes
Just answers~mashed potatoes
Just answers~squash
Tart red __ sauce~Cranberry sauce
Dried bread, in the form of croutons~Stuffing
Round bread~Rolls
What sound do male turkeys make?~Gobble
What is the name of the famous rock credited to where the pilgrims first landed?~Plymouth
What was the name of the ship that the pilgrims sailed on?~Mayflower
In what season was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated on in 1621?~Fall
Just answers~apple Pie
Just answers~leaves
Just answers~thankful
Just answers~family
Just answers~bread
Just answers~November
Just answers~thanksgiving
Just answers~feast
Just answers~corn
Just answers~dressing
Just answers~Thursday
Just answers~festival