Free Telephone Trivia Match Up


Before the cellphone the telephone was the popular device used to communicate. How much do you know about the telephone? This match up game has 10 questions to test your knowledge. This free game is ready to be downloaded and includes an answer sheet.
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The very first phone call was: “___come here, I want you!”~Watson
What prefix is reserved for fictional US telephone numbers?~555
What word did Alexander Graham Bell recommended to answer the phone?~Ahoy
Bell invented the telephone to enhance which other form of communication?~telegraph
Bell offered Western Union his telephone patent for ___ dollars.~100
What famous invention did Alexander Graham Bell invent for communication?~Telephone
Name the component in a phone that is spoken into?~microphone
Most telephones contain a ___ which produces a sound to announce an incoming call.~ ringer
___ dials were used before push button to dial a call?~ rotary
What person works at a switchboard to help direct phone calls?~Operators