Passover Word Search


This Passover word search game will challenge the player to find 50 words associated with Passover. Words can be found in the grape juice cups and borders in any direction.

The downloadable PDF game includes instructions and an answer sheet.

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Just answers~Afikomen
Just answers~Beasts
Just answers~Bitter Herbs
Just answers~Blood
Just answers~Boils
Just answers~Carpas
Just answers~Cattle disease
Just answers~Chametz
Just answers~Charoset
Just answers~clean
Just answers~Cup
Just answers~Darkness
Just answers~Dayenu
Just answers~Egg
Just answers~Egypt
Just answers~Elijah
Just answers~Festival
Just answers~Four questions
Just answers~Freedom
Just answers~Frogs
Just answers~Grape Juice
Just answers~Haggadah
Just answers~Hail
Just answers~Jewish people
Just answers~Lamb
Just answers~Left
Just answers~Lice
Just answers~Locusts
Just answers~Maror
Just answers~Matzah
Just answers~Meal
Just answers~Moses
Just answers~Passover
Just answers~Pharah
Just answers~Pillow
Just answers~Plagues
Just answers~Praise
Just answers~Salt water
Just answers~Seder
Just answers~Seder Plate
Just answers~Shankbone
Just answers~Simple
Just answers~Slaves
Just answers~Songs
Just answers~Spring
Just answers~Unleavened
Just answers~Vegetable
Just answers~Wicked
Just answers~Wine
Just answers~Wise