Passover BINGO


This Picasso BINGO game was created specifically for the first night of Passover to be played at the Seder table. To play a Picasso BINGO game take a game sheet and choose a picture (in this case a matzah, wine cup, frog or broken matzah). Players will listen for the game facilitator to give a clue. Once the answer to the clue is known, search for it on your game sheet. If found, mark it. The first player who marks ALL the squares that match their chosen picture wins the game! This game is designed to be both educational and entertaining. The game comes with 50 pre-made questions and 5 game sheets. You can customize your own game, including images and questions by creating a new game using the link below. Happy Passover!

This game comes with instructions, a list of 50 terms, random number charts, and 5 playing sheets.

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The following questions and answers are used in this game:
Unleavened bread~Matzah
Lead Jewish people out of Egypt ~Moshe Ruler of Egypt
Sea that split ~Yam Suf
What lead Jewish People at night in the desert?~Pillar of fire
Number of Matzah at table~3
Number of cups of wine drunk at the Seder?~3
Type of the first of the four sons discussed at the Seder?~Wise
Type of the second of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Wicked
Type of the third of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Simple
Type of the fourth of four sons discussed at the Seder?~Does not know how to ask
Number of days of the Omer?~49
Direction to lean at the Seder?~Left
Year Jewish people left Egypt?~2448 / 1313
Number of men from 20 to 60 who left Egypt?~600,000
What book is used at Seder?~Hagada
1st plague~Blood
2nd plague~Frogs
3rd plague~Lice
4th plague~Wild beasts
5th plague~Pestilence
6th plague~Boils
7th plague~Hail
8th plague~Locusts
9th plague~Darkness
10th plague~Slaying Firstborn
What is done the night before Pesach?~Search for chametz
What is done by first born males day before Pesach?~Fast
What do we use for bidikas chametz?~feather and candle
What is eaten first on Seder plate?~Karpas
What item represents tears at the Seder table?~Salt water
What Hebrew month that Pesach is in?~Nissan
What item represents bitter times at the Seder table?~Maror
What item represents mortar at the Seder table?~Charoses
How many days is Passover in Israel?~7
According to the Hagada what drank the water?~The ox
What doess Matzah, Maror and Charoses make?~The Hillel sandwich
First day of Pesach in the Hebrew month of Nissan?~15
Flour and Water together for __ make it Chometz.~18
What is often hidden at the Seder~Afikomen
First Jewish holiday after Passover?~ Shavuot
Which part of the broken middle matza is Afikomen?~Larger part
What is the first part of the Seder.~Kadesh
The first washing of hands at the Seder is called?~Urchatz
Telling the story of leaving Egypt.~ Maggid
Washing Before the Meal~Rachtzah
The first blessing on the matzah~Motzi
What is the main feast called?~Shulchan Orech
What part of the Seder is the dessert?~Tzafun
What is the helping others to get food for Pesach called?~Maot Chitim
What is round and white on the Seder plate?~Egg