Elephant Facts – Crossword


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Which animal has the largest brain of any creature that ever lived on the earth?~elephant
How may sets of teeth do elephants use during its lifetime?~six
Each elephant ___ weights about 9 pounds.~tooth
How do adult elephants sleep?~standing
What is an adult male elephant called?~bull
Elephants eat grass, leaves and tree branches they are ___.~herbivorous
Elephants eat around ___ hundred pounds of food each day.~three
A thirsty elephant can drink 50 ___ of water.~gallons
What does an elephant use to suck up water?~trunk
What are An elephant’s tusks made of?~Ivory
What is a baby elephant called?~calf
What is a female elephant called?~cow
What is a group of elephants called?~ herd
The gestation period for an elephant is 22 __.~months
How many hours after birth does it take for an elephant to stand on its own?~two
In which country do African elephants live?~Africa
__ elephants typically live in the continent’s forests and rainforests~Asian
What type of temperature do African elephants like?~hot
In an elephant herd the oldest __ is usually its leader.~ female
What is the common color of an elephant?~Grey