Christmas Tree Search


Can you find all the Christmas words hidden under the tree.

This free downloadable game comes with instructions and answer sheets.
You can create your own customized the game by adding your own words, game instructions and title by clicking the button below..

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angel~Christmas Words
Candles~Christmas Words
Candy cane~Christmas Words
Cards~Christmas Words
carol~Christmas Words
Celebrate~Christmas Words
Chimney~Christmas Words
Christmas~Christmas Words
comet~Christmas Words
cookies~Christmas Words
december~Christmas Words
eggnog~Christmas Words
Elves~Christmas Words
family~Christmas Words
Frosty~Christmas Words
Gift~Christmas Words
gingerbread~Christmas Words
Giving~Christmas Words
green~Christmas Words
Greetings~Christmas Words
hohoho~Christmas Words
Holiday~Christmas Words
holly~Christmas Words
jingle Bells~Christmas Words
Jolly~Christmas Words
Joy~Christmas Words
kidness~Christmas Words
lights~Christmas Words
Merry~Christmas Words
Mistletoe~Christmas Words
music~Christmas Words
Noel~Christmas Words
North pole~Christmas Words
nutcracker~Christmas Words
ornaments~Christmas Words
presents~Christmas Words
red~Christmas Words
Reindeer~Christmas Words
Rudolph~Christmas Words
Santa~Christmas Words
Season~Christmas Words
singing~Christmas Words
sled~Christmas Words
Sleigh~Christmas Words
snow~Christmas Words
snowman~Christmas Words
star~Christmas Words
Stocking~Christmas Words
tinsel~Christmas Words
toys~Christmas Words
Tree~Christmas Words
winter~Christmas Words
wise men~Christmas Words
Wreath~Christmas Words