Free Chess Match Up Game


Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard (8×8 grid). Each piece on the chessboard has a name and follows specific rules on how it can move and capture another piece. The game ends when a player loses their king.
This match up game will test the players chess knowledge. The questions about chess on the left have to be matched with the answers on the right. In addition, the letters in the answers have been scrambled.

You can create a different type of game using the same questions or modify the questions to meet your needs.

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The following words are used in this Star Trek Word Search game:
Which piece when captured ends the game?~King
Which piece moves like a Rook and Bishop?~Queen
This piece moves like an L shape and can jump overhead the piece blocking it.~knight
Besides the Queen, which piece moves in a straight, diagonal line.~Bishop
Which piece can be promoted when it reaches the last square?~Pawn
How many boxes does the Chess board have ?~Sixty Four
A __ happens when the game ends in a draw~Stalemate
Besides the Queen, which piece moves in a straight line?~Rook
The King and Rook move together on the same turn when __ is done.~Castling
What is the maximum amount of squares a Pawn can move on its first move?~Two