Beluga Whale


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In which ocean do beluga whales usually live in?~Arctic
What language does the word Beluga come from?~Russian
What is the round bump on the beluga whale called?~melon
What color is an adult beluga whale?~White
Size wise, beluga whales are among the __ species of whales.~ smallest
About forty percent of a Beluga’s body weight is what?~Blubber
What is another name for white whales that live in the Arctic?~Beluga
What shape is the Beluga’s head?~Round
What part of Beluga whales look resemble paddles?~ flippers
What is a beluga’s mouth called?~Beak
What is held in a beluga’s melon?~oil
What is a baby beluga whale called?~Calf
What is a group of beluga whales called?~Pods