Which is the most popular dog breed in the United States?~Labradors
Akita, a dog, is a national treasure of which country?~Japan
The Norwegian ___ is the only dog that has six toes on each foot.~Lundehund
Which is the only dog bread that bark, but they can yode?~basenji
Which type of dog can trace a scents that are over 300 hours old?~Bloodhounds
The ___ are excellent swimmers because they have webbed feet.~Newfoundlands
___ puppies are born completely white and develop their spots over time~Dalmatian
___ are thought to be French by origin but are actually German dogs.~ Poodles
___ and Collies create the most racket than any other dog.~Beagles
The __ Dog is actually part of the squirrel family.~Prairie

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