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Is there a quantity discount?

Yes. Play Q and A offers multiple pricing plans. Our most discounted plan offers each game for just 9 cents. Check out the
coupon page for more details.
How do I edit the questions?

There are multiple ways to edit a question set. If you are on a game page you can edit the questions and answers under the Edit your questions section. Try to keep the questions short and answers to one or two words. You can also edit the questions and answers on the EDIT QUESTIONS page.
How do I import many questions?

To import questions and answers:

  • Use a text editor
  • Enter a question and answers on one line.
  • Put a “~” (tilde) between the Q & A.
  • Example:
  • How many months in a year?~twelve
    Who was the first president?~George Washington

  • Copy all the questions and answers
  • Go to any game page
  • Paste in the Edit your questions section