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Who We Are and What We Do

PlayQandA is a website that turns questions and answers (which we call question sets) into a game. Our guests can enter their own question set or use pre-made ones. Our games can be printed or played online. We have many unique games as well as traditional ones. Question sets can be saved and reused for different games. We offer many free games that are changed each week

I used PlayQandA to make a BINGO game for my parents 50th wedding anniversary .

Jennifer P.

Our Story

PlayQandA was initially created as a classroom content gamification teaching aid. Teachers have always enhanced their classrooms by adding game elements, game mechanics, and game thinking to alter the learnt content to make it more game-like. Content is made more game-like by taking common elements of games and applying them to information or material that needs to be learned or understood. PlayQandA’s online platform makes this process easy. Once material is entered, a variety of games can be made. Teachers have found that using our site saves them time and adds new ideas to their curriculum. Our creative users have found that the same games played in the classroom can be enjoyed at other times as well.

This site is not just for kids. PlayQandA offers traditional and unique games along with game customization. I have used the site many times to make games for corporate events. Fast, easy and fun!

Steve W.



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Responding to a Changing Classroom

Today, the demands on teachers are as high as they’ve ever been. Many teach multiple subjects to a wide array of learners and have to prepare material to meet all the student’s needs. The teachers time is at a premium and the workload is demanding. PlayQandA is dedicated to saving teachers time and offers huge savings and yearly subscriptions discounts to schools.

As a substitute teacher I am often called at the last minute to watch a class. Sometimes the material left by the teacher does not last the whole time. I can always count on PlayQandA to create a fast game that whole class can enjoy!

Linnell L.

Examples of What You'll Find on PlayQandA

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PlayQandA requires no membership and offers hundreds of editable question sets to create your own game. It's easy to create your own questions and answers, click below to get started.