Thanksgiving Triva

10 Thanksgiving Trivia questions and answers

Use these Thanksgiving trivia questions at a dinner or at a family party.

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Which country has Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October?~Canada
What sound do male turkeys make?~Gobble
Which was the first department store to hold a Thanksgiving parade?~Gimbels
What is the dangling skin under a turkey’s neck called?~Wattle
Which state produces the most cranberries?~Wisconsin
What is the name of the famous rock credited to where the pilgrims first landed?~Plymouth
In which month did the pilgrims arrived in North America in 1620?~December
Which Ocean did the Pilgrims sail across to reach North America?~Atlantic
What was the name of the ship that the pilgrims sailed on?~Mayflower
In what season was the first Thanksgiving Day celebrated on in 1621?~Fall
How many days did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?~three
President __ issued the first national Thanksgiving Day Proclamation in the year 1789.~Washington
A frozen turkey will thaw about one day per __ Lbs in the refrigerator.~four
Who was the chief of the Wampanoag tribe?~Massasoit
Christopher __ was the captain of the Mayflower.~Jones
Which part of the turkey is saved and snapped as a superstitious good luck custom?~Wishbone
Which President moved Thanksgiving up one week to help stimulate the Christmas shopping economy?~Roosevelt
Captain John Smith founded what colony in Virginia?~Jamestown
In what year did the first Macy’s Thanksgiving parade take place?~1924
Turkey eggs usually have __ on them.~Speckles
What are baby turkeys called?~Poults
How miles per hour can the average wild turkey fly?~55
How miles per hour can a turkey run?~25
The state of North __ produces the most turkeys.~Carolina
The first Thanksgiving football game was played by the Detroit Lions and Chicago__~Bears
The Mayflower was originally built to transport __.~wine
What is a male turkey called?~Tom
The busiest travel day of the year is the __ after Thanksgiving.~Friday
On what other planet was a turkey dinner eaten?~Moon
How many pilgrims were on the Mayflower?~102
How many days long was the voyage from England to the New World?~66
Which common cutlery was not used at the first Thanksgiving?~Forks
How many pounds does the average turkey weigh?~15
The National Turkey Federation Estimates __ turkeys are consumed each year?~46,000,000
How many years between the first Thanksgiving and when it became a national holiday?~200
In 1953 Swanson made the first __ dinners with their extra turkeys.~TV
Because of the shopping, the day after Thanksgiving is known as __ Friday.~Black
The average person consumes __ calories on Thanksgiving day.~4500
Which turkeys are known as gobblers?~Male
What percent of Americans have turkey on Thanksgiving?~88
On Thanksgiving 1956, NBC broadcasted the first national __ game.~Football
Turkey Creek, Louisiana; Turkey, N.C.; Turkey, Texas; and Turkey, Arizona are all in the United __~States
Which president issued a ‘Thanksgiving Proclamation’ on third October 1863?~Lincoln
What is a female turkey called?~Hen
Which state consumes the largest amount of turkey?~California
Benjamin Franklin wanted the __ to be the national bird of the United States.~Turkey
How many feathers does a grown turkey have?~3500
Where do wild turkeys prefer to sleep?~trees
A large group of wild turkeys is called a __.~flock
What is the long, red fleshy growth that hangs down over the turkey’s beak called?~snood
How many days is the incubation period of a turkey egg?~28
On what holiday is turkey the most common eaten food?~Thanksgiving


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